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 Words that fire up your inner truth, inspire the mind, and relax the restless soul. A collection of readings that empower, inspire and create room for self-discovery. 

R. L. Livingston A lover of words. A fiery soul. A wild leaf.

Growing up, I loved to write. I had multiple journals through-out my teenage years. I entered a few writing contest and even won a [very] small grant for college. Once I started college, I lost the passion and misplaced my  pen. 

Many Years later, I became a yoga teacher and my love for writing slowly resurfaced. It started when I began to collect writings to read to my students after class. By reading these wonderful writings by some amazing authors, I re-discovered my love for words and I found my pen (which was in the last place I left it).

By finding my pen, I found my voice and by finding my voice I began the journey of coming home to myself. 
I enjoy reading and writing words that empower, inspire, and create room for self-discovery. 

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