Is your troop exploring health and wellness? Would you like your troop to learn more about personal self-love, a deeper connection with sisterhood, and tools for mindfulness? Book a private class with me for an opportunity for a well-deserved patch.

As a former girl scout myself [TROOP 218], I am passionate about sharing the practice of yoga with young girls. Yoga has brought me a life time of tools to help me through the struggles I faced growing up and in my adult-hood. 

Girl Scout troop yoga is not just for Girl Scouts, but also for Daisy, Junior Girl Scouts, and Brownie troops. 

My patch class is designed to teach your troop tools they can use daily to help with concentration, relaxation, self-love, sisterhood, and acceptance. Classes are held at a studio to minimize distraction. 

<--- To receive patch, each girl will need to attend one yoga class and complete the requirements given to the troop leader. Leaders will be given patches to hand out after completion of requirements. 

  • Classes are 60-75 min. (depending on age group)
  • $15 per girl with Minimum of 8 Girl Scouts per class
  • Classes are scheduled for a Saturday or Sunday depending on studio availability

                Feel free to email me for more information at

Mon.        Be Slow            (all levels welcomed)    7:00 PM

This class will begin with a slow modified vinyasa flow and transition into a yin class with longer holds designed to stretch deep into the muscles, connective tissues, and fascia. This class is appropriate for all levels and especially valuable for those with an active lifestyle or those recovering from injuries. 

Thurs.     Be Hot              (all levels welcomed)   6:30 PM

This heated vinyasa class will challenge all levels, even the most advanced student. Get ready to sweat, build strength and endurance, and improve your flexibility. This class is designed to raise your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular system. This class is open to all levels; but, we do recommend students have some knowledge of vinyasa yoga prior to enrolling in this class.

Fri.          Be Efficient     (all levels welcomed)    12:00 PM​​​

​​Time is precious and sometimes it's hard to fit one more thing into our daily schedules. This is why we have designed this 45 minute vinyasa flow class. It has all of the elements of our regular vinyasa class (be dynamic) but with a shorter duration for warm-up and cooldown. This class is designed to get you in, get you energized, and get you going with the rest of your day.

Private yoga lessons offer students the ability to focus on personal interests, goals, and modifications or advancements depending on where they are physically and mentally at any given day. 

If you are interested in private sessions, please contact me directly. 

First session:

90 Min. $30: We will discuss health concerns/limitations, evaluate range of motion, and set up goals through personal interest.

Future Sessions:

60 Min. --> $50

90 Min. --> $70

Group Sessions:

60 Min. with Minimum of 6 people= $15 per person 

90 Min. with Minimum of 6 people = $20 per person

*Price is subject to change if driving more than 30 minutes from Marietta to destination.

​** Prices are accurate for doing a studio private at The Center for Yoga